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Then Read This:Bill Thomas NEPA's Security Guru If you’re experiencing security problems or have security concerns, then you owe it to yourself (and your family) to get the best possible information on the security solutions available.  A home security system should be based on your unique requirements, and not a one-size fits all, cookie cutter security system like those sold by the big national companies, that will only provide you a false sense of security, and cost you $75 – $120 more per year in monitoring fees.

If you are like many of the clients we serve, you’ve probably pulled your hair out in frustration dealing with security dealers who under deliver and over charge for what they do. Or suffer migraines from the “low bidder” security dealer who didn’t install the job properly and then disappeared never to be seen or heard from again. The plain truth is that there are a lot of so called “wire pullers” expanding into technologies, that they simply know very little about.

I Guarantee I can CURE your security headaches once and for all….

Thus the reason for our FREE 32-Point On-Site Security Audit (a $125 value) and the multitude of Free Security Reports available on our website. We want to help you make knowledgeable and well-informed decisions BEFORE you invest a dime on security! Our 32 Point Security Audit is an on-site safety and security review that is sure to identify all the security weaknesses and safety vulnerabilities that exist on your property. From there we can develop a plan to address the issues that are important to you.Have a Security Marketing Question? Just Ask Bill!

At 1st Choice Security Technologies, you’ll be treated honestly and with respect. You’ll get the installation and service you deserve without breaking the bank! All the work performed on your security system is 100% guaranteed , and we back it with a Written NO-RISK, Bullet-Proof Guarantee! Check and see if our competitors will give you a written guarantee.  You’ll receive the best guarantees anywhere in Northeastern Pennsylvania and I can prove it!

1st Choice’s No-Risk, Bullet-Proof Guarantee:

We stand by our installations and want you to feel “safe and secure” when purchasing a Home Security System, Security Cameras, Access Control, Intercom/Paging, or Whole Home Audio system from us.

That’s why we offer you the following Bullet-Proof GUARANTEES:

  1. 12-Month “No Weasle Clauses” and “No Hassle” Guarantee – We offer a one-year, complete “bumper-to-bumper” service warranty for your new security system. That means the parts, labor, travel and even gasoline and tolls are on us.  If anything goes wrong with your system, short of an act of God, we will make it right at NO Cost to you.
  2. 153% Satisfaction Guarantee – We offer a full, unconditional refund of your installation fee and removal of our equipment from your premises if, for any reason we did not live up to your expectations or you are dissatisfied with the security system we installed. (Not until you sign the Certificate of Installation, acknowledging that 1st Choice Security has met your expectations. and you are satisfied with your security system, are you obligated to purchase the equipment.)  We’ll also throw in a $50 gift certificate to the Outback Steak House (or restaurant of your choice) for the inconvenience that we put you through.
  3. Fanatical Service Guarantee – While your equipment is being maintained by 1st Choice Security Technologies, within 24 hours of your service request, in our normal service area, we will give you a $50 gift certificate of your choice if we fail to respond to you, and set up a service appointment that is completed in the next 3 business days.  Compare that to many of our competitors who take months to respond to even the most trivial service calls.  I can’t count the times a new customer called us because after numerous phone calls, and months of waiting, they gave up on their old security company.
  4. Round-the-Clock Equipment Protection –Within the first year of service, if we installed your system, or if we monitor your system, if we need to remove equipment for repair, we will not leave your system inoperable. We’ll install loaner equipment to keep your system up-and-running.  (If Vector Security monitors your system, after the first year, you are covered under their comprehensive service/maintenance plan.)
  5. 1st Choice Security – Done Right the First Time When we install, upgrade or service your security system, you will NEVER pay for an installation or service call two times. We firmly believe in doing the job right the very first time. If we have to return to fix the same problem then you don’t pay a dime!
  6. 1st Choice’s Misson Critical Security Services – We guarantee you have round-the-clock security UP-time! Have you ever paid a security integrator to install a system…then paid him to fix it…then paid him to fix it again? While our competitors profit two or three times for “emergency service work,” we ensure it doesn’t happen in the first place! If we specified, installed and maintain your system, and it ever goes down as a result our fault, oversight or error, then there is no charge for the time, material, gas, tolls…heck, we’ll even throw in a pizza… to bring you back up and running and prevent the problem from occurring again.

We strongly urge you to call around and see if any other security dealers offer you such guarantees. If not, then don’t give them your money!

So, if you want your security system to be trouble-free, if you want to be treated honestly with respect and dignity, if you want top-notch installations and services at a fair price – all backed by an unmatched “Golden Guarantee” – then please request our free 32 Point Security Audit today! For emergency service please Contact Us!

Dedicated to Protecting Your Assets!

William R. Thomas

President – 1st Choice Security Technologies, llc

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